Updates for Our Community


Dear MCPK Families,

Today both Governor Murphy and Dr. Nathan Parker announced that NJ/Montclair school buildings and childcare centers will continue to be closed until at least April 20th. Please see Montclair Public School's Official Announcement below:

Our initial plan for remote learning was for two weeks. At the time I also asked you to anticipate that we might not return until April 20. Presently we are extending remote learning until the beginning of spring break with the possibility of returning April 20. We will reassess prior to April 20 to determine whether or not remote learning will be further extended. We will maintain the spring break week (April 13-17) as scheduled on the 2019-2020 calendar. Our hope is that families and staff will have a chance to relax and rejuvenate that week free from classroom obligations.

In light of this announcement, MCPK will move into a structured distance learning format on Wednesday, April 1st. We will provide three hours of developmentally appropriate learning activities and experiences daily. Our distance learning program will be a combination of online and hands-on paper activities, guided and independent play and teacher-student interaction. It will reflect our belief in project-based, child emergent curriculum and the value of learning through play. We understand that some families may struggle to follow a three hour program, while working from home and managing other distance learning programs. All activities are optional, but very important in order to continue your child's development and progress.

I will provide more information tomorrow in the Insider and next week as we prepare with our teachers and continue to develop our program.

Be well,

Ms. Amy




Dear MCPK Families,

Following the Montclair Public School District’s announcement this afternoon, Montclair Community Pre-K will be closed for two weeks beginning Monday, March 16th through Friday, March 27th.  After two weeks, the District will evaluate the need to open schools or remain closed. We will remain in constant communication with the District, our Board of Directors, our staff and our families as this situation develops.


For the next two weeks, our staff will work remotely to continue to support families and provide fun and educational experiences for our students. The Administrative Team will maintain school operations and be available during normal school hours to assist parents with enrollment for the upcoming school year and any other inquires.  Please contact us individually at our pre-k email addresses or at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


Your child’s teaching team will reach out to your family via classroom google groups with creative ideas for home learning through play, projects, games, activities and songs. Our teachers will do everything they can to keep the children connected and engaged in their school community. Feel free to reach out to your teaching team at their classroom pre-k email address during school hours. We will also continue to add online educational resources to our website under Families/Family Network Center/Online Resources.

We understand that closing the schools for an extended period will place a strain on all families to varying degrees. We believe strongly that this decision is in the best interest of our entire community.  We ask that you help to ensure that this time of “social distancing” serves its intended purpose: to stop the spread of COIV-19 in our community. Please consider staying at home and limiting social interactions whenever possible.  If you need assistance, resources, guidance on a family issue or social emotional support do not hesitate to reach out to our Family Network Center for help ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) .


During these two weeks, our custodial staff will clean and disinfect every surface of the building. Our hope is that we will all return on Monday, March 30th to a sparkling clean school full of healthy children and teachers. Please check your email regularly for updates and read the weekly Insider for important information.


Take care of each other and keep the lines of communication open. We will see each other soon.


Be well,

Ms. Amy





Dear MCPK Families,
The Montclair Public Schools have just announced that they will be closed this Friday, March 13 in order for their staff to attend professional development on virtual learning should it become necessary to close schools in the future.
In the event that the district closes schools for health and safety reasons, we will follow their lead and close the Pre-K. The training happening this Friday does not apply to our staff and therefore, we will remain open as long there are no health or safety developments.
Please click on this link to read the latest COVID-19 notification from Dr. Parker relating to Friday.
Please contact us with any questions, concerns or helpful information.
Be well,
Ms. Amy
Dear MCPK Families,
With guidance from the Montclair School District and the Department of Health, we are doing everything we can to plan and prepare for a potential outbreak of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) in our community. We are implementing a proactive health and safety plan that will evolve constantly based on the ever-changing situation and recommendations from experts in health, safety and education. As always, we welcome your input to help guide our preparedness plan. 
In light of actions taken by other schools in the district today, we have decided to postpone STEAM Family Day on Saturday, March 14th and the STEAM Fair evening event on Thursday, March 19th.  While we have every intention of keeping our school open for school and extended care, we feel additional indoor events with large groups of children and adults doing hands-on activities are an unnecessary risk at this time.  Family members are still welcome to visit their child’s classroom during STEAM FAIR week, but we ask that you are extra cautious about your health and observe hand-washing protocols. Our ingenious teaching staff will find a creative way to make sure that every family member has a chance to see the STEAM projects and student presentations in the event that we are not able to reschedule.
We are working with the MPS Buildings and Grounds Department and our cleaning staff to implement additional disinfection of the building on a daily basis.  Nurse Dana will be visiting classrooms this week to review health and hygiene procedures with staff and students. We have added timers to each hand-washing sink, and we recommend practicing rigorous 20-30 seconds hand-washing (sing the ABC’s!) at home.  We will also adapt our snack-time procedures to allow for more comprehensive disinfection between each group of students.
Each week, we will keep our community updated on this evolving situation and we will add to the following list of resources to support families at home.
Be well,
Ms. Amy


New Jersey Department of Health

Center for Disease Control 

Montclair Public Schools

Nurse Dana literally “wrote the book” on handwashing! 



We have decided to postpone STEAM Family Day on Saturday, March 14th.  At the moment we do not have a new date for the event, but will update once we have decided on it.