MCPK Scholarship Fundraising

For 25 years, MCPK has been proud to partner with Montclair to provide accessible, high quality pre-k for famlies in our community.  Help us celebrate our Silver Anniversary with a donation to the MCPK Scholarship Program. 


By giving to our Scholarship Program, you will ensure that every Montclair child has the oppportunity to attend MCPK.  

Thank you!

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 Learn More About the MCPK Scholarship Program


How Does the Scholarship Program Work?

The MCPK Scholarship Program was created to bridge the gap between what our lowest income families can afford to pay for tuition and what it actually costs to run the school. In some cases the amount is small, but in a growing number of cases the gap is as high as 95%. Comprised of generous donations from individuals and corporations, the Scholarship Program provides operating funds that make it possible for us to open our doors to all of Montclair’s children. 

How Does the Scholarship Program Support Student Success?

Without the support of the MCPK Scholarship Program and the sliding scale tuition, many families would struggle to afford a quality preschool education for their children. Once children are enrolled at the MCPK, we are able to provide the full resources of the
school to the entire family, including extended care and enrichment programs, family workshops and food, clothing, toys and books provided by our community. Families receive support from our Family Services Director who provides consultation and
facilitates referrals for developmental, social-emotional and mental health services, housing and nutrition assistance and crisis intervention.

Why Give to the Scholarship Program?

Montclair is a diverse and inclusive community made up of people of every race, religion and socio-economic background. In order to ensure educational equity, every child in town must have access to a high-quality preschool education. By Kindergarten, the achievement gap is already evident between children with an early childhood educational foundation and children just starting school. According to a 2015 U.S. Department of Education report, "children who attend high-quality preschool programs are more likely to graduate from high school, go on to college, and succeed in their careers than those who have not attended high-quality preschool programs." 

Thank you!